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Discover the Advantages of Rubber Mulch: A Sustainable Choice for Your Landscaping Needs


When it comes to landscaping and playgrounds, the choice of mulch plays a significant role in both aesthetics and functionality. In Kingston, Ontario, T&J Lawn Care & Snow Removal proudly offers Rymar Rubber Mulch as an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood mulch. With its numerous benefits, rubber mulch has gained popularity among homeowners and property managers. In this article, we will explore the advantages of rubber mulch over its wooden counterpart and why T&J Lawn Care & Snow Removal is your trusted local installer.

Safety First

One of the most important considerations for any landscaping or playground surface is safety, especially when children are involved. Rubber mulch provides a superior level of safety compared to traditional wood mulch. Made from recycled tires, Rymar Rubber Mulch offers excellent shock absorption, reducing the risk of injuries from falls. Unlike wood mulch, rubber mulch doesn’t decompose or create splinters, ensuring a hazard-free environment for children to play.

Cost-Effective and Durable

While wood mulch requires regular replenishment due to decomposition, rubber mulch is a cost-effective choice that lasts for years. With its exceptional durability, Rymar Rubber Mulch maintains its vibrant color and consistency, even in harsh weather conditions. By investing in rubber mulch, you save on the cost and effort of frequent replacement.


Choosing rubber mulch demonstrates your commitment to sustainability. By repurposing old tires, Rymar Rubber Mulch helps reduce waste in landfills and conserves natural resources. Additionally, rubber mulch does not attract insects or harbor fungi, eliminating the need for chemical treatments. Its non-toxic properties make it safe for plants, pets, and the environment.

Low-Maintenance Solution

Another advantage of rubber mulch is its low-maintenance nature. Unlike wood mulch, rubber mulch does not need regular refreshing or raking. It doesn’t attract termites, mold, or fungus, which reduces the need for pest control measures. With rubber mulch, you can enjoy a clean and pristine landscape year-round with minimal effort.

T&J Lawn Care & Snow Removal: Your Trusted Local Installer

At T&J Lawn Care & Snow Removal, we take pride in offering exceptional services and solutions for all your property maintenance needs in Kingston, Ontario. As proud local installers of Rymar Rubber Mulch, we bring our expertise and commitment to excellence to every project. Our team of professionals will ensure precise installation, resulting in a visually appealing and safe outdoor space. We strive to exceed your expectations while providing competitive pricing and referral discounts.

Make a sustainable choice for your landscaping and playgrounds by opting for Rymar Rubber Mulch installed by T&J Lawn Care & Snow Removal. Experience the benefits of safety, durability, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. Contact us today for a personal consultation and a free estimate, and let us transform your outdoor spaces into beautiful, low-maintenance oases.

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